The Surreal Connection between Scientific findings and Ancient Wisdoms

Bio: ​Celia uses recognised scientific findings and her own observations of the natural world to help her conduct contemplative experiments and come to rational understandings about philosophical ideas involving concepts such as consciousness, energy, motion and information. Her writing reflects a keen interest in Ancient Wisdoms of Taoism, Hermetics, Panpsychism and Esoteric Philosophy. She writes collections of Philosophical Essays and Poetry. You may view my full profile at: http://www.celiaclaase.com

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  1. Thank you for visiting and following my blog. I haven’t been very active of late because we are in the process of emigrating. Moving house is hard work moving countries exposes one to enormous numbers of opportunities to improve one’s understanding of the Dao. Bureuacrats are obviously put in this world to helpothers on the path to enlightentment. I very much like your posts on the Dao but couldn’t find a ‘like’ button by them.


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