What is Everything made of?

Everything is made of movement, not of particles.

How is it possible that we can continue to use words such as  “matter”; “elements”; and “particles” when the meanings they carry have become obscure in the light of recent scientific discoveries? Matter, is a word that humans gave to -what has since been discovered to be- (similar or diverse combinations of) compact motion waves, which by the slowness and compactness of their motions have become easily detectable through our five senses. It is difficult to understand or explain the fact that, that which we have grown used to calling “matter,” is in fact, nothing but compact motion waves (CMW) -unless we revise the meaning/definition of the word “matter.” Considering what has been said -“Elements” are therefore just different combinations of motion waves and “particles” are the motion waves as such. Any comments/suggestions? Screen Shot 2016-09-19 at 9.06.01 pm Image@CeliaClaase (Wall Art Collection)


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