Creation, Origins and Beginnings


Our five senses are able to withstand and detect only a limited range of the infinite sensory stimuli out there. A human brain can perceive only the things that exist within this limited range.

We cannot name non-physical phenomena, such as ‘movement’ and its many reactions; so we find it necessary to create concepts to help us recognise and converse about them. Concepts are words that carry specific understandings. A concept is not a name for something it is an understanding of something. We perceive concepts within the boundaries of their opposites and the variety of scales, gradations, levels, quantities, concentrations, shades and intensities layered between these opposites.

The problem is, our brains find it difficult to imagine that there could also be levels, scales and shades beyond the opposite poles even though mathematics has already proven that infinities exist. We find it hard to escape the limitations set by our mind-constructions of concepts such as big and small, left and right, up and down, fast and slow, dense and sparse, loud and soft, warm and cold, dark and light.

It is difficult to understand that matter and space is in fact the same thing, unless we are able to see or imagine how density scales gradually flow from the one stage into the next, like ice – to water – to steam – to nothing. What makes it even more gruelling is that here on earth the particles of matter gather on such diverse density scales that we are rarely able to experience a gradual flow from pole to pole. We have become accustomed to shapes and spaces in seperation.

If we are able to grasp that matter and space could be the same thing, maybe we will also realise that the words “appear” and “disappear” may both be misconceptions. If matter and space are the opposites of the same continuum then the concept of “a beginning” or “a creation” takes on a whole new meaning. If matter and space are opposites poles of a continuum, then “creation” would not mean “making something out of nothing”, it would simply mean shaping something different out of something that already exists. Exactly that, which artists have been doing since the dawn of people.

Where did matter and space come from? We ask this question because our brains need a beginning for everything. We find it impossible to imagine infinity – therefore we create theories based on assumptions that there must have been a beginning (a big bang/creation) and that there should also be an ending. We argue around the fact that infinity exist and the possibility that there never was a beginning. That everything and nothing may always have existed as energy, or as God (if you will); in many forms, never stagnant, but forever changing from one shape into the next as explained by physicists and meta-physicists.


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