Movement Speaks a Universal Language

Everything in the natural world is held together, by movement of, what scientists call, electro-magnetism; the small and large forces; and gravity. But not all movements are as predictable, controlled and consistent as the movements caused by these four forces. If it were the case, there would not have been any diversity or change.

Just imagine a space in which magnetism, gravity and the small and large forces organise matter into geometrical shapes, without any interferences. Would there be any motivation/purpose/reason for further movement to take place after the formation has become as structured as it possibly can?  If it were possible for nature to exist in such a completely balanced and controlled state, would it not open up the possibility that movement may stagnate and stop altogether.

Could that be the reason why there has to be opposition to cause entropy, imbalance and resistance, and ultimately change?

The human brain loves structure. It loves to sort and link and file sensory information because it operates according to the laws of nature. The organic matter that is brain, likes to go with the predictable flow of the natural forces. However, organic matter is also driven by conscious movements and a free will. A will, to use for making conscious decisions; to either follow or go against the forces of nature.

Quantum physics has suggested that the electrons in atoms move about randomly – that their movements are just as unpredictable as those of viruses, insects, plants, animals and planets. Could we not conclude from this that the afore mentioned, just like human beings also use a degree of conscious volition. How can the human species possibly claim without a doubt that we are the only ones that are able to make conscious decisions to disturb, disrupt, resist, create or solve problems? Is the fact that a little bird is able to solve problems and make creative decisions, based on observation and self experimenting, on the same intelligence scale as that of a six year old child not enough evidence to prove that we underestimate the levels of consciousness in lower life forms?

Who are we to say that the patterned arrangements of sand-balls around crab-holes are done without a spark of volition, intension, consciousness or creativity?

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