We are One


It is possible to make sound visible, by sprinkling iron flakes on a vibrating plate. Some people are lucky to see sounds as colours.  You may even see sound like me in a branching circle burnt on paper by applied electricity. A singularity dividing and expanding for countless possibilities.

We all know that sounds vibrate as frequency waves. But when we hear a choir of fellow humans sing, sound is also felt because goosebumps recognise something more than single voices.

We are noise and we are music. We are sound broken in many pieces.



3 thoughts on “We are One

  1. I really like your ideas but they leave me wanting! This principle is called “cymatics” in modern tongue. Youtube is filled with demonstrations. I have always like the example of Islamic folks gathered around the great Mecca Kaaba as parallel with iron filings around a magnet: http://www.murraymitchell.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/05/magnet_with_iron_filings_design.jpg

    Could you please elaborate more? I find your ideas intriguing but there is little information given, just very general ideas that are incredible profound. Others would benefit from your giving of more detail. Keep up the good work.


  2. Well, I appreciate your taking the time to respond. I stated things very poignantly and probing on purpose. This WordPress blog you’ve created is indeed a forum for free, semi formal dialogue. Google is not my source, I would like you to note. I’m not quite sure what the relevance of Google is as a search engine, I did not cite sources but merely stated my opinion. About your last statement, that is a wonderful sentiment.


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