Past and Present Lives


My take on reincarnation is to reduce consciousness to its essence, namely “information” and use this reference point to create a philosophical argument.

Our bodies are formed by genetic information stored in physical cells. Our minds are formed by information in the form of concepts and conditioning. Each sensory experience that we have in a human body is stored as information in both cells and mind. Body and brain re-unites with physical elements after death. Mind has stored a lifetime’s information in the Collective Human Consciousness (a dimension of time) where the past, present and potential futures exists.

This Collective Human Consciousness (information network) forms a part of the global and universal consciousness. When it breaks up into individual units (bodies) for unique experiences in a body at birth, newly accumulated information bits are linked to The Collective Human Consciousness via electro magnetic fields connected to neurological impulses through breathing.

This field of consciousness does not accommodate separate people or personal identities. The field moves like all forms of matter in diverse frequency waves. Similar information bits link with each other and synchronise into novel information waves. Motion and information exchange is clear. We are motion waves moving in this collective mind-frequency-information-field before birth and after death. While in a body we perceive ourselves as having separate identities. Sometimes, during the course of a life here on earth, we consciously tune into the field and remember experiences from the frequencies in which we resonated before.


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