Artists Stirs

The unfamiliar illustration of a flowing Yin Yang symbol (posted in the previous blog post) was born from many meditations on the laws of nature, removed from the traditional explanations of the symbol and it’s meaning. It is not meant to criticise a belief system or challenge the original Yin Yang but was merely created as an observation from an artists’ alternative viewpoint. Baring in mind that artists are thinkers who cannot help but represent their mind discoveries visually, audibly or in words. Artists are urged by the Muse in them to say: “things that are tranquil and balanced need to be stirred in order to see what could emerge.”


4 thoughts on “Artists Stirs

  1. Yin-Yang is simply a smaller part of the “flower of life” geometric pattern. It is used as imagery throughout many cultures and religions, including Christianity, Buddhism, and Islam etc It is called different things. It is a small part of a large, inter-connected design of “phi” which is the ratio well known now thanks to Dan Brown’s fiction works. The interpretation of the yin-yang is the perfection our natural creation gives. Who said this quote?: “things that are tranquil and balanced need to be stirred in order to see what could emerge.” This is the principle of Wabi Sabi, the beauty in nature’s imperfection, as I’m sure you have heard of.


    1. Many people are familiar with the original Yin-Yang symbol and its meaning (google is already full of information on it). I have written about the symbol as a frozen image and about what it, purely as a visual illustration (removed from explanations) wants to tell me. All symbols do speak for themselves and they communicate different things to different people because we all interpret them differently. What if there were no available writings on the Yin-Yang symbol?; how will it be understood? I composed my own understanding based on my own frames of reference but the artist in me needed to visualise the phase of entropy that I couldn’t see in this symbol and that is what my image is trying to show.


  2. I see your point! I expressed my opinion and you challenged it, thank you. Once more, I do not use Google as a source. I have taken two years of basic college courses offered in the US with a major in Cultural Anthropology. For the sake of my ego I’ll admit that I read as much as possible in college libraries and truly held the knowledge close to my heart. Even when I should have been doing homework I was taking my time to pour over the texts. Your blog appealed to me as these topics are relevant to me, in a personal way. As all things are personal to ourselves, I decided to open a dialogue. Thank you for responding. I hope to see more of your writings in the future, Celia!


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