What is Everything made of?

Everything is made of movement, not of particles.

How is it possible that we can continue to use words such as  “matter”; “elements”; and “particles” when the meanings they carry have become obscure in the light of recent scientific discoveries? Matter, is a word that humans gave to -what has since been discovered to be- (similar or diverse combinations of) synchronised motion waves, that move at velocities detectable by our five senses. It is difficult to understand or explain the fact that “matter” is in fact, nothing but diverse symphonies of motion -unless we revise the meaning/definition of the word “matter.” Screen Shot 2016-09-19 at 9.06.01 pm Image@CeliaClaase (Wall Art Collection)


Maybe we need Halloween


Because maybe we wear masks better than we wear ourselves.

Maybe we fare better on alcohol than on reality.

Some don’t have to dress up their darkness,

others cross the line of effort.

Some just go to have fun or make body art.

Others stay home and pray that God will protect the souls

of those who celebrate the worthless state of human bodies

after their expiry dates.

But mothers, please keep your children off the streets

because Disney is keen to murder Halloween!


(Image@Celia Claase)


Change is inevitable in the face of motion, and change cannot take place without motion. We all know that when or wherever energy frequencies meet they will react on each other. They will change. They may synchronize to form symmetrical structures, duplicate like cells or collide and explode into a trillion pieces.

(From The Layers Between p.46 -Proverse Publishers)

Image @CeliaClaase (Wall Art Series)


The Cycle of Entropy

“But since excitement makes it impossible to retain balance, it keeps motion flowing toward structure, where the species vibrate to aesthetic frequencies creating geometry, symmetry and spirals – observable beauty, as in honeycombs, flowers, architecture, music and every other form of art.” (from: The Layers Between, (p. 17) -Proverse Hong Kong)

Images @Celia Claase, Wall Art Series

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Gaia’s Alternative Birth

“In this beginning, somewhere in the cosmic cycle, energy was vibrating at its lowest level. This beginning was not as fast, noisy and destructive as a big bang would have been; instead, it was only a slight fluctuation. It caused a ripple effect that disturbed all the sub-atomic components of energy, webbing the whole.

And so, in a delicate blink of awareness, energy particles touched. They clustered into atoms, compounds and elements with varying degrees of density. Every newly formed physical shape resonated with a unique frequency. Some collected gradually, others in a flash. (From The Layers Between (p. 12) -Proverse Publishers)Screen Shot 2016-04-28 at 7.29.06 pmScreen Shot 2016-04-28 at 11.19.50 pmScreen Shot 2016-04-28 at 11.18.51 pm Images @CeliaClaase: Mirrored rocks